Forten Nylon to Gosen OG Micro 17 - my experience

Discussion in 'Strings' started by montoo, Jul 3, 2004.

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    May 26, 2004
    Recently, my forten reel finished. So I decided to try something new. My purchase was limited by price. I wanted to get something in the ballpark of the original reel. After reading through the board I came across much praise for micro 17.

    As far as history goes, I have never really shopped for string. I bought the cheapest reel available. Which initially was Forten 15L. This string was ok at the time. But into my 2nd reel of the stuff I always felt the strings going dead on me. It felt as if the strings would last 2-3 sessions longer than needed. So when the time to order came, I purchased a reel of Forten 16. This helped the "deadbed" issue quite a bit. And late breakage was almost a nonissue. In fact, the opposite, sometimes the strings would break too early. In 4-6 sessions(8-12 hrs). At under a $1 per job it was a nonissue.

    Getting back to the micro. The first thing I noticed while stringing was how thin it is. If nylon is spaghetti, micro is angel hair. And due in great part to its size, micro is a breeze to string. Seemingly easier to weave and pull. Easy in shared holes as well. Overall a pleasure to string. How's the hit you ask? Well that too is a joy.

    Feel is an impossible thing to describe using just words. But what I felt was good! Contact with the ball felt longer, softer, and definitely better. If this is the much ballyhooed "cupping". Then add another voice to the choir. I find, given decent technique, this string facilitates spin on both strokes and serves. Compared with the nylon, I produced more spin. Probably, in large part, due to the enhanced feel of the string.

    All is not good , however. The string has issues with early breakage. Due to my hiting, not prior defect. I am lucky to get 2 sessions out of a job. Usually it breaks at 1.5. So that is 3 hrs, 4 tops. So as it stands, my dilemna is feel or endurance, which is more important? In anticipation of early breakage, which is well outlined in other posts, I purchased a few sets of Polylon Ice 17. I will report back with how a hybrid job plays out.

    So overall, if you are a frugal nylon user and are looking to experiment with other strings. Then I cannot help but recommend micro 17 to you. The feel is worth it, making the splurge easier to bear. I couldn't be happier. Well, maybe, if it lasted a few more sessions I'd be happier. But as it stands, two thumbs up.

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