Forum members that are from Europe?

Just wondering if we can compile a list of european players on these boards, so we get a list of people if I ever travel there or anyone else who might travel somewhere and might wanna hit with someone there.

@FiReFTW Slovenia
@Fliiix Slovenia
@StasTs Austria, Linz
@Toby14 Germany
@dominikk1985 Germany
@ParrotOnStrings Germany, Munich
@SpinToWin Germany, Frankfurt/Nurnberg
@Wooly Germany, Baden-Baden
@Gregory Diamond Poland
@leojramirez Spain, Barcelona
@Tiaxx Portugal
@armandogomes Portugal
@FailBetter Switzerland
@Fintft Romania
@Lukhas France
@mainmain France, Grenoble
@Magnificent Sven France, Paris
@hurworld England, London
@jga111 England, London
@GBplayer , England
@MattCrosby England, Liverpool
@t_pac England, Wichester
@mxvb Belgium
@dxrysiko Greece
@FedGR Greece , Athens/Pathras
@michael valek Slovakia
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Fire (y)

I am travelling a lot due to my job, I will be more than happy to meet up and play some tennis with you, if I happens to travel to Slovenia. Tennis is a great way to meet and make new friends around the world.

Cheers, Toby

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lol i know countries are only a few inches away from each other, but cities would really help.

even states can be like a days drice away

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I think the city would be also interesting. most of the european countries are not really small =)
Germany (Munich)
Also sometimes in Serbia (Belgrade)
lol, yeah, i was in barcelona this summer... but north spain is like the same as ny vs. ca in the US.


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How dare thou forget us! ;)

Germany here - moving between Frankfurt and Bayreuth (near Nürnberg).

During certain parts of the year I am more likely to be found in Greece though (near Corinth).