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Discussion in 'TW Questions/Comments' started by BullDogTennis, Jun 7, 2008.

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    why is it for me that the forum is not updating for me? everytime i look at the "last post" it has something brand new. then ill click on we'll say "tennis tips/instruction" and that latest post will be no where to be found. and the forum looks exactly the same as it did at 9 am this morning. even when i post things they show i posted them, then ill click off, and go back to see something and what i posted isnt showing up anymore. and it will stay that way, unless i go to "post reply" and then back out of that, and even that takes 2 or 3 times sometimes just to see it go back to normal. its really kinda frusterating. i even was reading something last night and posted on something with like 3 pages, and when i got on this morning it was showing only like 5 posts, i did the whole post reply and it showed the rest of the page, then i did it again and the rest showed up.
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    I am also curious.

    The Classifieds section hasn't update since this morning I believe.
    Usually it takes a few hours but it's almost a day.
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    Classifieds can take up to one business day (as in no weekends / holidays) to be moderated. We do try to get to them once or twice during the weekend, but don't promise it.

    Spencer, TW

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