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    I received the four frames to demo from TW about a week ago. Alas, work and weather have kept me from hitting with them until today and I have to return them tomorrow or I'm pretty sure TW will be adding them to my credit card.

    I hit with them briefly today. The four are:

    1. Yonex RDS002 Tour
    2. Gamma G325
    3. Donnay Pro One International
    4. Fischer M-Pro 1 98
    For brevity's sake, here's how they ranked IMO:

    1. Yonex RDS002 Tour
    2. Fischer M-Pro 1
    3. Gamma G325
    4. Donnay Pro One
    And now, the details:

    Yonex RDS002 Tour
    I posted a month or two ago about this frame's cousin, the RDS002 Light. I really loved that frame, but felt that against a bigger hitter, it was pushed around, especially at net. This frame is as good as that frame, but the added weight means it is fantastic. There is super easy access to spin, control is great and it's easy on the arm. I took a few volleys with it and found it as good at net as its lighter sibling. All in all, this frame was my favorite of the four.

    Fischer M-Pro 1
    This is the surprise for me. I demoed a Fischer frame some time ago for TW and didn't like it at all. The grip, as I remember, was so round as to be unusable. This frame is nothing like that. It had excellent feel and felt like an extension of my arm. It didn't get the #1 spot because result-wise, the Yonex just felt easier to play with. This frame, though, given time could become a really nice one to play with. I found easy access to spin and power was really good too. The frame has the best flex of the four and you can feel it, i.e. like my C10s. At net this frame had good response and volleys were well directed and good pop.

    Gamma G325
    I've never hit with a Gamma frame and kinda regret it now. This frame had great feel. I didn't hit with it long but what time I did feel, I did notice one thing. It is the most maneuverable of the four I hit with. You can easily line this frame up on the ball and swing through the ball. I felt like I was really compressing the ball off the ground. When I say compressing, I mean the ball was making a really loud sound when I connected. This frame didn't mark higher because I needed to make some adjustments in my strokes. Everything I hit had very little clearance over the net. Again, with this frame and some time, it could be a favorite.

    Donnay Pro One International
    Another big surprise. I expected stat-wise that this frame would be my favorite. It came in 4th. It didn't have as good a feel as the other three and required the most adjustments in my stroke mechanics. But, it still was a fine frame to hit with. Groundies had good feel and volleys were easy and well directed. This is a nice frame and if cost counts, easily the best frame for the $$'s anywhere.

    All in all, these 4 frames were very close. I could play with any of them and found all of them well suited to my game. Ranking them was difficult because they all are so close and play well. But, coming on court cold, I could play and win with the Yonex with little or no preparation time or adjustments to my game. The other three are fine frames and some of the best I hit with in a long time. You really couldn't go wrong with any of them IMO. They all have about the same weight, string patterns, and playing characteristics.

    But none of them are as good as my C10s. :)

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