Frame comparisons?


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Have you guys ever thought about doing a comparative review between two different frames? I love some of the string comparisons that you've done - just wondered if this was too fiddly to make work or if it's ever been discussed?

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We have thought about doing a frame comparison as we have done multiple string comparisons!) There would be a lot of variables needed to work out and at this time we don't have any plans to do them. However, we always appreciate feedback and great ideas!

Brittany, TW


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Thanks Brittany @TW Staff.

It's just an idea. A couple of years back you had Bethany Mattek-Sands comparing the Pure Drive with a.....I can't quite remember! A Pure Strike? Anyway - I found it really interesting, but I don't know that she was articulating her thoughts as well as she might have liked. We often have questions on the Racquet board (and on this one) asking for comparisons between different sticks. Thought it might be interesting.