Frame Compression from stringing


My racquet's get longer and the stiffness/flex index goes down. I recently strung 1 of my racquets (see my spec's below) and took both (1 strung and the other unstrung) and had them both read on a Babolat RDC. The strung racquet stiffness/flex index had dropped to 68. The unstrung racquet's stiffness/flex index was/is at spec 72 (both same racquets, purchased new at the same time).
NOt sure that indicates anything. If you string the unstrung one or cut out the strung one and compare when they are both in the same state that would be helpful.

Said another way how do you know the unstrung one wouldnt be 68 if it were strung?
Hmmm...... if the racquet gets longer, the clothing difference between lengthwise and crosswise is wrong. Without knowing the hardness of the stringing, one can only speculate about what did not work properly in this case.
It is common for the frame hardness to decrease after covering.
But 4 points is rather a lot. It also depends on the stringing weight, the harder the stringing the softer the frame becomes. As a rule it is 1 - 3 points. To find out what is really going on, both racquets should be tested on the RDC and strung later. It is not always the case that both frames are the same, there are also considerable differences in stiffness.