Frame stressing

I have strung my own racquet for quite a time and just now realised I have been making a silly mistake all the time - stringing mains I always did one half of the frame (ex. to the right of the centre mains) and then went on with the second half of the mains. Just now realised it stressed the frame unevenly... How serious is that? Should I cut and restring the frame I strung yesterday, or it would be ok to play until the string brakes and just do the proper way the next time?
found answer here:

"Yes, the racquet will not loose it's shape stringing all of one side, then the other. Also, doing it this way won't cause loss of tension. The issue is undue and unneccesary stress on the frame. Over time this will weaken the frame and make it not as powerful as it was.
This kind of weakening happens as a matter of course. It's normal for a racquet to loose its stiffness and power over time with repeated stringing.
Stringing one whole side and then the other on the mains just adds more stress to the frame and speeds up that weakening proccess. That's why it's poor technicque."

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There was a guy in my area who strung racquets like this (let's call him Lou). I suppose on a lot of racquets it would not cause the racquet to change shape. But I spotted a guy walking across the parking lot at the mall to the shop where I worked. He was carrying a Head Elektra Master that was noticeably distorted. I could see it was distorted more than 100 ft away.

I turned my back to the door and waited for him to walk in. My back was still turned when he walked in and I heard him come up behind me where I was stringing. Without turning around to acknowledge him I said: "So, I see you've been getting your racquet strung at Lou's".

"Holy cow, how did you know?"