Frames vs length/weight/balance: WHAT really

Discussion in 'Racquets' started by drak, Jul 27, 2008.

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    Feb 20, 2004
    makes the bigger difference. I am posting this because I have for the past 10 yrs always been on the search for a frame that enhance my game the most - an all court agressive player who will attack the net when opportunity presents.

    This frames have usually been in the 10.8 - 11.5 oz range and I have always found tradeoffs. I grew up playing with the Kramer and other wood frames, T2000, Head Pro and so on. I recently found out that all these frames were somewhat shorter and more towards the head heavier end, and simply way heavier than this current generation of rackets. Thx to threads in the past by Travlerajm and J Cauthen. That struck a note with me to go back to my roots "somewhat" and make a frame more similar to those and in the ballpark of some of Travlerajm's various setups.

    One reason I never went to standard 12 oz or higher frames is that my forehand always seemed to struggle with the 12 oz or greater weight and 27 std length, I am so far finding it surprising how much difference 1/8 to 1/4 inch in length can be with a heavy frame. Do note however that if the overall weight is not increased then groundstrokes feel significantly weaker, however the added weight is not that big a deal with the shorter length.

    The frames I am currently experimenting is the old Babs Pure Storm team and a Tflash 310. My main point is that the length-weight-balance may have a much greater influence on how you play and how much you like a frame vs the stock frame itself vs another manufacturer.
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    i think many people on these forums tweak thier racquets to a weight balance they like. so the difference in feel,and performance is the frame
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    Trouble is, manufacturers don't manufacture frames of differing lengths, and they might face quite a marketing hurdle if they did - you know "buy this frame because it is 1/8 inch shorter" just wouldn't tickle the interest of many players.

    I don't doubt what you say. Though I have never cut a frame down I think everyone recognises that XL frames extra 1/2 inch (or more) makes a heck of a difference, so going the other way and shortening can only also have a substantial effect.

    The other side of this is that, if I understand correctly, you shorten a racq AND add weight, is that what you are doing? If so how much did you add and where?

    I'd like to find the time to similarly experiment but atm can't even get enough court time let alone anything else.

    Can you post photo of the modified frame perhaps? cheers

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