Free Racket Stencils


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I need white paint/dye. What do you use for that? Spraypaint OK, or will it chip off? Have black Volkl strings

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anyone have any ideas on how to get stencil ink off of your strings?

i made the dragon one, but it did not come out nearly as god as it looks on paper.
Color all of your strings white (or any color) and stencil in the design with a color that contrasts with your new string color


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anyone here have the Agassi "A" stencil~ if do can you please share the template ~ i would love this one my racket


I thought there was one on this thread of "The Punisher" logo/stencil. I don't see it any longer. Would someone please post it again? Thanks.


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What are users take on the different stencil ink that TW has for sale?

quick notes from TW Review

Gamma - wears off to quick
Tourna - applicator isn't good and causes a mess. ink is thick and sticky
Babolot - TW reviews says the application tip is more like a sharpie and that multiple applications are needed when compared to other stencil ink
Prince - no reviews