Free shipping for Asics warranty shoes?

Uvijek Argen

I always like to order from TW cause the excellent customer service. From racquets and boxes of balls, but I never order Asics shoes cause until a few months you guys didn't have the warranty on them.

Im planning to do my next order with you guys,but I have a question from my bad experience with another retail store.....

When I worn through the sole and I send you the shoe for the replacement, will you guys charge me additional for shipping the 2nd pair to my home?

Thanks in advance.
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TW Staff


When returning a pair of shoes for the Sole Warranty, you pay the shipping back to us, and we ship the new pair to you and we cover the shipping.

It's a kind of "meet in the middle" scenario, that way you don't have to pay an arm and a leg to get your replacement shoes.

Hope this is helpful.

TW Customer Service