Free shipping to UK on orders over €55 - not working


@TWE Staff The free shipping to UK on orders over €55 is not working on the TWE website. It keeps levying a €10 delivery charge. When I emailed Customer Services about this, I was advised that “it should be working”. I regret to inform you that it is not.

I was also advised to use the alternative method of “paying by bank transfer”, so that I could then call up Customer Services and make payment by card; whereupon a member of the team would be able to deduct the incorrectly levied delivery charge. I attempted to do this, and as always seems to be the case when calling Customer Services, the phone rings out and goes to an answer message to “please call back another time”. Is there ever anyone available to answer the phone? I am afraid to say that my experience of your telephone service has always been exceedingly poor.

Please fix the delivery charge issue on your web site so that I do not have to have to face the frustration of having to call your telephone service line.