French Open Entrance List

Max G.

How do they determine who is granted direct acceptance?

My impression is that they have a certain number of slots open for direct entry - taken in order, from the top of the rankings down, a certain number of slots for qualifiers, and a certain number for wildcards.

BigBoyDan seems to disagree - I think I'm right, but I don't have any credible source to back myself up. Anyone around here know for certain, or have any reference?

The tennis guy

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If someone withdraws before the start of qualifying, then the next highest ranked player on the entry list before entry cutoff date is entered. Since Cljisters withdrawed weeks ago, the next highest ranked player who was on the entry list but got cutoff would be entered, could be 109, 110, 111. The only time when additonal qualifer is entered is when a player withdraws after the start of qualifying.