French Open Final: [1] Rafa Nadal vs [7] Dominic Thiem

How’s it go?

  • Thieminator in 3

    Votes: 10 6.1%
  • Thiem’s time is now in 4

    Votes: 22 13.4%
  • Domi shows supreme mental strength in 5

    Votes: 12 7.3%
  • Bull rushes to victory in 3

    Votes: 60 36.6%
  • Rafa crushes puny ball basher in 4

    Votes: 41 25.0%
  • Rafa trolls Fed fans in 5

    Votes: 2 1.2%
  • Rain ruins another match

    Votes: 4 2.4%
  • Mury GOAT

    Votes: 1 0.6%
  • Just get this over with so we can get the grass season started!

    Votes: 6 3.7%
  • Anyone but Zverev

    Votes: 6 3.7%

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All of Thiem's tactics and ideas to beat Nadal and Rafa shows why he's most likely going to get crushed today, that was a beautiful dropshot and if he uses that more then the ballbasher is going to have no chance today. I hope he's got a plan Z because the rest of his plans are going to get picked apart 1 by 1


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Thiems gotta go deep to Nadals Background and make him rush it from the first shot. Can’t let the forehand get into play

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Welp it ain’t happening today, I can tell.

Hopefully Thiem can win a set, that would make me proud of him.


Thiem struggling with those moon balls.....
Ugh on the BP, why didn’t Thiem come behind the serve? Great serve out wide just lets Nadal hit it back to the baseline... was perfect there for a volley.

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There is the break

There is just so much work coming off of the court. Thiem is struggling to even get a decent hit on the ball, I don't think he has hit one comfortable stoke so far.
I think it will be over sooner than this.

Couple of breaks each to get to 5-5.
Thiemanator gets to 0-40 on Wapha's serve.
Wapha saves 'em all.
Thiem gets 3 more avantage Thiem.
Wapha brings it back to egalite each time.
Thiem serves an ace, then proceeds to lose 4 straight points with a couple of DFs and with it the set.
1 break in set 2 makes it 6-3.
Thiem collapses in 3rd set to get breadsticked or bagelled.
La Undecima biting commences.
The End.


Rafa looking great in lockdown mode.

Thiem nervous, only natural really. It's a super daunting task. But he needs to settle ASAP

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Thiem is only reacting to Nadal here, all the play is controlled by Nadal. The court is crazy bouncing.