French Open Men's Singles Round 4 - Tsonga v Berdych

Who wins?

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Didn't expect this to finish so quickly. Tsonga looked like a different player once he held for 2-3.


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Well, not a great match by either player and a little bit of fight by Berdych to stretch it to four.

So they can get off the court now.. LOL.


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Yeah, looks like Tsonga sorted his **** towards the end, even had a huge surge of confidence and concentration. The man is really good when he can figure it out. If he can focus, and pick his moments to play with ferocity, concentration, or calm... I dont see why he cant beat anyone in the world. Same with Berdych too I suppose.


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They'd both be multiple slam winners in the 90's.

Too bad their primes coincided with the immensely tough Fedalovic era.

Yeah but they didn't/won't ever. Not because of Fedalovitch but because neither is as talented as Fedalovich. OR talented for that matter - Over rated ball bashes, the pair of them ...

WTF !!!

Oh, and if the moon was made of cheese !..........


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Berdych had a back injury which explains a lot. His complacency in defeat and his not wanting to step on the serve perhaps.