French Open - Slam could leave Roland Garros


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The French tennis federation is considering moving the French Open out from Roland Garros if its extension project does not get the green light within a year.

The project was agreed on earlier this year and an architect was appointed but the Paris City Council is now getting cold feet, FFT director general Gilbert Ysern said.

"It seems that the mayor's entourage has become more hostile to our project - which was not the case when we launched it," Ysern said.

"Add to that the residents' opposition and we are now forced to look for other options, including that of leaving the premises."

Last May, tennis officials said a new centre court equipped with a retractable roof would be used at Roland Garros for the French Open by 2013 or 2014.

Of the four grand slam events, the Australian Open has two courts with a roof, while Wimbledon's Centre Court unveiled its new translucent retractable roof this year.

Paris City Council and the French government were set to invest £18 million each in the project which is estimated to cost £160m.

Officials at Paris City Council could not be immediately reached for comment.


I doubt it will leave Roland Garros, if it does it has to leave Paris, and Paris is the Mecca of French Tennis.
Imo they are just negotiating and waiting for the other part to give/change their bid.


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Let's move it to the close neighbour: London. :D
Then FO and WIMBY will be really "back to back". Subway series! yah. lol.


Let's move it to the close neighbour: London. :D
Then FO and WIMBY will be really "back to back". Subway series! yah. lol.
They have no idea how to make that red dirt work over there ! :twisted:


Keep it in France, but move it somewhere where Day 1 can't have a high of 80 and Day 2 can have a high of 39.
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I dont care where they move it as long as the install LIGHTS. Not having lights up is pathetic.

these folks are all bark and no bite like I said in the other thread
the plan for the Stadium is absolutely breathtaking and I cannot wait for the new Chatrier and Lenglen to be covered
new locker rooms
new massage rooms
new practice courts
new restaurant for the players
it will be great


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Opposition from green members of city council? Seems to me that should be relatively easy to solve. There are a number of ways the current proposal could be made green. Presumably this is what these members want and hopefully the architects and planners can show they are actually improving their environmental "impact" with the new plan.

Seems to me to be standard negotiating tactics by boths sides. No worries.


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For all of rafa fans out there, if moving RG away will be a big deal. This is Nadal's backyard, he started his bright career by winning this title, dominate tournament, and has a potential to strive more in the future. However moving the tourney to a different environment can effect his future. Why? Is the new place going to be hot/cold, damp/dry, calm/windy? Even at high elevation, the thin air has a different feel, and the ball is lighter and faster. The change in condition will dictate how much it will effect on the players. Of course everyone has to adapt to a new environment, but since Paris has been kind to rafa, he will be mostly be affected and obvious is at a disadvantage.

But one thing is for certain....Uncle Toni will be absolutely delighted not to have to see those obnoxious French fans and the partisan he once called them "pretty stupid" for their classless behavior against his nephew, and believing them for not wanting the Spaniard to win.


Move it out of Paris, relocate it somewhere else in France at a new facility and keep it red clay.


They should move it to Mallorca, as a compensation to Nadal for the way the french public behave.


It should be moved to South America. The fact that there are no Masters or Slams there is ridiculous.