Fresh Alu Power strung 4 weeks ago... still good?


I strung a racket with Alu Power 16L at 48 #s 4 weeks ago because I was supposed to play indoors but it was canceled. It's finally starting to warm up here in PA. I'll probably be able to get out and hit in a few more days. So do you think the string will still play well after having sat in my racket for over 4 weeks? I'm not concerned about any tension loss. I'm just wondering how it will play in regards to feel and control. Believe it or not, this will be the first time I ever played with string that's been in a racket for over a week. I usually cut out and replace my string every 6 to 8 hours of play.
Usually I don’t feel any loss of tension/control (for a month at least) when my strings are new...what drops the string performance for me is using it, so I think it’ll be fine for you...


it'll be fine, beyond the 24hr tension stabilisation after it's first strung there's neutral tension loss after that, I had a set of RPM Blast strung at 60 pounds and didn't hit with it for 6 months and it felt like fresh RPM. Of course, that string only lasts about 3 hours before it dies the most horrible poly death.


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it will probably play well during the first outing, but after that, it may die quickly and hurt your arm.


A month is pushing it. Just get out this weekend and play a lot against a big hitter. You can get your moneys worth and break them by Monday.