Fritz - coaching on court is "dumb"


Fritz no fan of ATP's 'dumb' off-court coaching rule

I kind of agree with Taylor here.
Definitely will be biased towards players who can afford coaches and psychologists as Jon Wertheim mentioned on Tennis Channel.
Not sure what the benefit here is.
If it is just to even the playing field and make illegal coaching legal, then easily fixed by not allowing coaches at court level.
Make them sit in a box seat or top of stadium or in commentary booth level so they can watch but not participate.


1000% agree here.

Tennis already had a parity issue between the have and have-nots and this just makes it even worse.

The best chance for a lower ranked player to beat a top guy is to come out with a strategy they're not expecting. Now the top guys can adjust that much quicker after a chat with their 12 coaches in the box.


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I don't understand why you need coaching during matches. Surely you plan it all out with your coach beforehand, and the different possibilities that could arise? A player should discuss plans a/b/c when it comes to tactics, style etc. and discuss what to do if the player or his opponent starts well/average/poor etc. This is just a/b/c stuff.