Fritz is beating Nadal and Kyrgios is losing or retiring against Garín


Djokovic road to WB 2022

1R: Soon-woo Kwon, #75
2R: Kokkinakis, #84
3R: Kecmanovic, ranking doesn't matter, as he decided to hand Djokovic the win, because he was a fellow Serb
4R: van Rijthoven, #104
QF: Little afraid baby, who cried when he was up two sets, and a big idiot who choked
SF: Guy who can barely beat Goffin world no. #58
F: Fritz, joke of a finalist

UO 2017 and 2019 was way tougher compared

Aussie Darcy

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I like Nadal and dislike Djokovic a lot but you're somehow blaming Djokovic's 'potential' draw on Nadal losing to Fritz? Nadal loses to the youngster Fritz and that somehow justifys criticism of Djokovic and his draw? Stupid thread.

Aussie Darcy

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Werent people doing the same in USO17 where Federer lost and they were criticizing Nadal's draw???
Nadal hasn't even lost and this thread is anticipating Fritz to be the finalist opponent and then criticising him? It's absurd. Nadal is still in the draw and i'm meant to be upset about Fritz somehow magically being the finalist before it's even happened? Stupid.
I'm fairly tired of Fritz and his fans thinking he has Nadal's number based on a win when Nadal started the match with a fractured rib


Kyrgios is losing or retiring against Garín


Marco Rotim

Nice bit of anti-jinxing from the OP! :cool:

The beauty of posts in TTW is that if our predictions go wrong then we can say we jinxed successfully, if it went right then we can take credit.

In my view, there is nothing called a JINX, we are insignificant in this universe from a cosmic perspective for our posts/thoughts to make a difference to the outcome of the clash between 2 athletes/teams.