From Hype to Propaganda to Truth to Same Old Story: Alcaraz Timeline


Talk Tennis Guru
We all have witnessed the propaganda machine with NGBS players for quite some time now. That said, we believe that Alcaraz has knocked that narrative. A masters 1000 at 18 on HC, and now has the clay season coming.

Exciting to say the least. It is finally happening... or is it?

I like what I see, but I have been burned too many times.

NGBS heading into clay season:

NGBS after clay season:

NGBS after grass season:

Sorry, but it is the likely outcome.

P.s. Stop comparing him to Fed, Djoker, and Rafa... he isnt like any of them


You should wait at least until the next Australian Open and say if this kid is just "propaganda and hype".
You're going to crash, Lleytonstation!


Even in his youth
Even in his youth
Even in his youth he was nothing

Kept his body clean
Kept his body clean
Kept his body clean going nowhere

Daddy was ashamed
Daddy was ashamed
Daddy was ashamed he was nothing

Disgrace the family name
Disgrace the family name
Family name he was something

He was born for your crew
I've got nothing left to prove
If I die before I wake
Hope I don't come back again