FS: (1) Yonex MP Tour 1 Midplus, 4 1/2, (9/10)

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    I have 1 Yonex MP Tour 1 Midplus for sale.
    Grip size is: 4 1/2.
    String is freshly strung with volkl synthetic gut 17g at 58lbs.
    Condition is 9/10.
    Asking: $150.00
    For contact: dtl003@gmail.com

    Only thing cosmetically wrong with it is the paint chip on the 2nd picture (2mm wide or less).
    There are scratches to the plastic bumper on the top of the racket.

    The 3rd picture shows the throat grommet that I had replaced with the Fittex Individual grommets.
    If you know Yonex MP Tour 1 rackets, you know that the soft grommet rubber on the throat area all cracks off or deteriorate through time.
    Even if you find new yonex mp tour grommets (also in years of storage), the throat grommet piece also will deteriorate from the 1st string job.
    I found a perfect solution to this problem and Bought the Fittex individual grommets at tennis warehouse and place them in.
    I will include the fittex pack with the racket as well (should have about 90 pieces still left).

    Photos are in links below.

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