FS: 2- Babolat Pure Storm Ltd (non GT) 4 1/2

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    For sale are two Babolat Pure Storm LTD's, non GT, 4 1/2 grip. Both are in great condition with their original leather intact. Overgrips were used religiously. Typical head guard wear on both, but nothing out of the ordinary. Some light scratching from carefull use. Both strung about three weeks ago with Gamma TNT2 -17 in the cross at 56, Lux BB Ace 18 in the mains at 54. Little to no use on these string sets. No squeeky buttcaps. Great playing sticks - just not perfectly suited to my style.

    One is a sold 8 to 8.5 out of 10. The other would be as well, but there's an unfortunate scrape on the upper hoop in the 'yellow' colored area. I let the wife wife borrow it about three weeks ago - one time. Bad idea. So that's a 7.5 out of 10 because of that I guess. No graphite exposed or anything like that, just a paint scrape.

    Looking for 135 for both, shipped. Or, 75 shipped for 8/10 one - 65 shipped for the other.

    Pic requests and questions to sailorjeff at comcast dot net

    Only trade considered would be: Both for one clean 9.5/10 YT Radical MP, 4 1/2 shipped. Leather preferred, with black MG grommets would be even better :)

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