FS: 22D 1615 grommets including 3 separate flat throat ones + bumper guard

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    Feb 20, 2009
    1. pair of 22d 1615 grommets - separated as noted below; 7/10
    both sections separated upon removal from frame
    1st - 4 piece section then the rest
    2nd - single long grommet then the rest

    2. bumper guard - has some wear, about 7/10

    3. (3) flat throat grommets- excellent condition 9/10

    email for pics

    make an offer for what you need, or the entire lot

    ahanesthesiaA at gmail dot com

    These are from the version below:
    St. Vincent (mid-late):

    - Stickers replaced in throat to decals that describe Wilson PWS on one side, recommended tension on the other (50-60 lbs.) and higher/lower tension recommendation for control/power

    - black rectangular grip size sticker placed at the outside of the throat above the handle

    - throat grommets are thinner

    - these have either "Midsize" decal on both sides of throat or one side has "80% braided graphite/20% kevlar" decal

    - addition of red registered trademark symbol at lower right of "W" on butt cap

    - "Wilson Quality" hologram sticker at base of throat opposite grip size sticker. Serial number in bold black font

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