FS (2x) Wilson Prostaff 97S, 1st Gen, 4&3/8, 5/10 or 6/10


FS (2x) 2015 Wilson Prostaff 97S
4&3/8 grip
97in^2 headsize
18x17 ‘Spin Effect’ pattern
5ish or 6ish out of 10 condition; hard to say; I only used these for maybe 3 or 4 months, but the head guards wore through very fast at the edges, and the paint on these was very thin. So, no cracks, no structural damage, play as well as they ever did, but not in great cosmetic shape around the upper ears. Strung approximately 4 years ago , one with zyex mains and Lux Element crosses, another with zyex mains and Duramix HD crosses.

Price: $75 for the pair, shipped, OBO.



Notes: I put weight on the buttcap of these and lead ‘H’es at 3&9, which i found made it far more stable and awesome, but I am happy to take these off for buyer. Happy to add replacement grip to the bare one if desired. These were really interesting racquets; high magic quotient, not the most consistent stringbed of all time, but I put that down mostly to my having just gotten my first stringer and not knowing how to optimize my gear yet back then. Slices and kick serves super fun.

Happy Racquet Roulette,

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