FS: 3 Wilson K-factor six-one 16x18

Discussion in 'For Sale or Trade' started by tennisguy101, Jul 2, 2009.

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    I have 3 Wilson K factor six-one rackets. The rackets have all been professionally weighted to be exactly the same at **** Tennis in NYC (the same guy that does all the professional stringing and customizing at the US Open).

    Condition: 7/10 (but one is 8/10)
    String Pattern: 16x18
    All grips are: L5 - 4 5/8 (and I had the grips professionally customized with Gamma Hi-Tech grips for a slim, tight, and controlled feel)

    Price: $120 a piece
    or $330 for all three (that's $110 a piece)

    Link to pictures:

    Contact me if interested:
  2. tennisguy101

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    One racket has been sold. The 8/10. I still have 2 rackets left though. Let me know if your interested.
    $120 a piece
    $220 for both together

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