FS: 3 Wilson NPS 95 ncode and 1 K95 team all 4 3/8


I'm selling 3 Wilson NPS 95 racquets and 1 K95 team. All racquets are 4 3/8 grip size. These are the 18x20 string pattern lighter version of the 6.1 95 ncode and the kfactor version of the same racquet. 2 of the NPS are 9 months old and the kfactor is about 6 months old. The other NPS is about 2 years old. No cracks in any of the racquets just normal wear and tear. Overgrips used on all of the racquets except the older one from the first day I had them. I would say the 2 newer NPS and the kfactor are 8-8.5/10 while the older NPS is 7/10.

Price as follows:
Kfactor: $90
2 Newer NPS: $80 each
Older NPS: $70
Or $280 for all 4

Shipping via UPS is extra depending on location from Fresno, CA.

Email for questions: clarke.josh@gmail.com


K factor team and NPS still available. New lowered price:

[K] factor 95 team $80 plus shipping
NPS 95 $55 plus shipping


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Still available? If so, would you please provide your e-mail address so that I can get pics or just post them here?