FS: 3 x Wilson [K] Pro Staff 88 Sampras


Racquet: Wilson K Pro Staff 88 Sampras

Item Description: Ancient racquet from 2010? Sampras endorsed, and notorious for being too hefty for most players.

Grip Size: 4 3/8
Quantity: 3
Head Size: 88
Condition: 2 X 8.5/10, 1 X 7.5/10

Specific Time Used: All three racquets stayed in my racquet bag for ~3 years unused and unstrung. When I did use them before they went into racquet limbo, I'd only use the 7.5/10 one because it was more worn down than the other two. I never played any sets with them, just general rallying with the self-consciousness not to scratch the frames.

General Description: All three racquets don't have any cracks in paint, no scratches at 3 or 9, there's general bumper wear, but nothing too severe. There is, however, paint rubbing off on the 7.5/10 frame on both faces near the (K) symbol. I think that's because of the frames rubbing against each other.

Price: $230 for all three
Shipping: $20
Seller's Contact Info: mattinnguyen73@gmail.com

Here are images: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B1idJWgvhhBobVZVZnFhbTFqdmc?usp=sharing

If they are unclear, or if you'd like any specific angles, just send an e-mail, and I can upload it as well.


Forgot to mention, but I also replaced the butt caps with Wilson Pro Staff butt caps that were available at the time from Tennis Warehouse around 2014.