FS: (3x) Wilson Six.One 95 18x20 (2017), 4 3/8, 8/10


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  • Item Description: Wilson Six.One 95 18x20 (2017 Version)
  • Grip Size / Size: 4-3/8
  • Quantity: 3 (although I'm open to selling them individually)
  • Head Size: 95
  • Condition: All 3 frames are rated 8/10 per TW guidelines
  • *Specific Time Used: Used all 3 racquets for one season of USTA league doubles play (4.5 level). Estimate about 25 hours of play per racquet.
Selling Qty. 3 Wilson Six.One 95 18x20 frames. I'd love to sell all 3 at once, but am open to selling them individually as well. If you buy all three, you might be able to talk me into a discount. The racquets are in great condition, but I've decided they're a bit too heavy for me given how much time I have to play nowadays. I purchased them last year and used them for a full season of USTA doubles play (I'm estimating around 25 hours of play on each racquet). They have a few scratches from normal play (see the pictures attached), but were very well taken care of. None of the scratches go beyond the surface paint. They currently have worn Tournagrip overgrips, but the original white grips are in decent condition underneath.

I'll remove the Tournagrip prior to shipping. I'm happy to restring them with Prince Syn Gut (16g White) at your choice of tension prior to shipping them.
  • Head Size:95in²/613cm²
  • Length:27in/68,5cm
  • Weight:12.3oz/349g
  • Unstrung Weight:11.7oz/332g
  • Balance:32cm/7 pts HL
  • Unstrung Balance:30.5cm/10 pts HL
  • Swingweight:336
  • Stiffness:68
  • Beam Width:22mm
  • Composition:Graphite Basalt Matrix
  • Racket Colours:White
  • Grip Type:Wilson Synthetic
  • String Pattern:18 Mains / 20 Crosses Mains skip: 8T,10T,8H,10HString Tension:50-60lbs/23-27kg
See complete specs for the racquet here:

Price: $100 each (OBO)
Shipping: $10 each shipped via USPS Priority Mail (US Only) - I'll discount this is you buy more than one racquet.
Seller's Contact Info: Contact through profile
Payment Terms: I will accept payment via Paypal and will ship once the payment is received.