FS: 4 Babolat Pure Drive Plus (2nd Generation non cortex)

Discussion in 'For Sale or Trade' started by Fumus, Jan 8, 2008.

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    Sep 13, 2005
    I have four Babolat Pure drive plus racquets that I would like to sell. I am upgrading to the cortex! :)

    All the racquets have been strung with hot orange signum pro in the mains, and titan natural gut in the crosses @ 55pnds. The racquets are all 1/2" grip size. All the racquets have babolat synthetic grips with white Wilson over-grips on top.

    Racquet condition:

    Two of the racquets I bought used over the summer and are in 8/10 condition. The other two are in 5/6 out of 10 condition.

    The top bumper on one of the racquets is chipped and a once inch piece of the bumper is missing. The bumper besides that has plently of life on it, and it is not a problem if you put bumper guard tape on the top of the racquet.

    Also, the lesser condition racquets have chips in the paint way down low on the throat of the racquet from my stringer.

    None of the racquets are cracked, or damaged in a way that would effect play. I am honest about the cosmetic damages but, they all play great. Two of them as I said are 8/10 with no major scratches, bumper wear, or chips in the paint.

    For the 8/10 racquets I would be willing to sell them for $90 a piece(shipped) of $160 for both(shipped). For the 4or5/10 racquets I am will to sell them for $70 a piece(shipped) or $120 for both(shipped). For a combination of one 8/10 racquet and a 4or5/10 racquet I will accept $140(shipped). For all for racquets I will accept $250(shipped).

    E-mail me for pics and/or to make offers. I accept paypal.


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