FS: 80’s Graphite-Composite Mids (Pro Kennex, Spalding)

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    Mar 30, 2011
    Have a few old-school, 80’s midsize frames for sale. These are flexy, thin box-beam Pro Staff 85 imitators with 85-90 heads. Pro Kennexes are a graphite/fiberglass composite and have the Isometric head shape similar to Yonex frames.

    Would prefer to sell all 3 for $40.00 shipped USPS w/Delivery Confirmation.

    1. Pro Kennex Composite Ace Strung – 8/10, weighed in at 12.2oz, 16x19, 4 5/8, strung with Isospeed Baseline Spin 17L @ 45lbs, but will need to be re-strung as it has just been sitting in the closet. Includes original case, red Pete Sampras “O” vibration dampener, and original Pro Kennex cowhide leather grip.


    2. Pro Kennex Composite Ace Unstrung – 7.5/10, weighed in at 11.9oz, 16x19, 4 1/2, unstrung. Includes a sweet black, Donnay leather grip. Couldn’t find original case for this one, so I’ve included a Head Graphite Edge case with it.


    3. Spalding Pro-Flite 20 – 7.5/10, weighed in at 11.8oz, 16x19, 4 1/2 built up to 4 5/8 with heat-shrink sleeve, unstrung. Currently doesn’t have a grip, just the heat-shrink sleeve. Includes original case.



    If interested, please contact atwatki@uark.edu. Thanks.

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