FS-Blade v7 16x19, RF97 (red/black, tuxedo, black) 4 3/8.


Item Description: Wilson RF97 (red/black, tuxedo, black)
Grip Size: 4 3/8
Quantity: 3
Head Size: 97
Condition: 8-9/10
Time Used: Aprox 4-8hrs
General Description: frames have been used to test the 3 frames. Few bumper marks. Few scratches from playing. no chips or cracks. Black one is the newest, the red/black one has had the most use.
Price: $100 each. $5 shipping, free if you buy all 3.

Item Description: Wilson Blade 97 V7 16x19
Grip Size: 4 3/8
Quantity: 2
Head Size: 97
Condition: 8/10
Time Used: Aprox 15-20hrs
General Description: used for about 15-20 each. They are a few scratches from playing, no chips or cracks. Strung with VS guy/ Yonex strike, cyclone/strike, 54/52.
Price: 100 each. $5 shipping, free if you buy both

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