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    May 16, 2009
    All racquets in great condition unless otherwise noted.

    Here are some of the CLASSIC racquets players seek and still play with even after decades! I only play CLASSIC racquets myself and the difference between the classics and modern mass produced racquets is just amazing!

    2. Prince POG 3 (Original Graphite) single stripe; 4 3/8 or 1/2 grip; 6.5/10 condition; strung (this is the one with bumper and modern head)

    Light head rash and court scratches throughout the body. Need a new grip. Grommets are good and there are a lot of life left in the racquet. Try a POG for a cheap price! $35

    1. Graphite Edge; 4 1/2 grip; 7.5/10 condition; strung

    Some court rash and scratches on the top part of the racquet. However, the bottom half is very clean. Comes with original grip. Try the highly praised HEAD graphite edge. You won't regret it. I have 3 and keeping one for training control and accuracy. $15

    2. Graphite Edge; 4 5/8 grip; 8.5/10 condition; unstrung

    This one is in a very good cosmetic condition. Very light court rash and everything else about the racquet is almost new condition. Also comes with original leather grip. $25

    Email me at kkjjn0000 at yahoo dot com
    (for shipping, add $10)

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