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Discussion in 'For Sale or Trade' started by kreative, Nov 4, 2005.

  1. kreative

    kreative Professional

    Feb 18, 2004
    For Sale:

    (2) Dunlop 300G's (Hotmelt Black/Orange version): 4 1/2 grip size, 7.5/10 condition w/ scratches and scuffs around the head from play, but structurally sound w/ no cracks. Currently unstrung. $100 shipped for the pair.

    (1) Head Pro Tour 630: 4 1/2 grip size, 7.5/10 condition w/ scratches and few paint chips around the head from play. Has CAP grommets still in good condition. $70 shipped.

    (2) Wilson Pro Staff Kramer Staff: 80% graphite, 20% fiberglass, the flexy PS 6.0 85
    a) St. Vincent model (buttcap letters JPQ), 8-8.5/10 condition, feels like 4 1/4 grip (L2), original leather grip, scratches around the head from play, with a piece of the bumper guard chipped at 11 o'clock. Strung w/ synthetic gut at 56 lbs. $80 shipped.
    b) St. Vincent model (buttcap letters KRQ), 7.5-8/10 condition, grip size 4 3/8 (L3), worn leather grip (original I think), scratches around the head from play, 2 paint chips at the 3 o'clock PWS. Strung w/ Prince synthetic gut at 58 lbs. $70 shipped.
    Selling both for $140 shipped.
  2. shsman2091

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    Jul 26, 2005
    Why are you selling the St. Vincent's so cheap??? Don't they go for way over $200 these days. Anyhow, I'm interested in the Head Pro Tour 630, please send pics to saad24@msn.com.

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