FS/FT 3XWilson N-Code Tour 90 4 1/2 & Flexpoint Prestige

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    Feb 20, 2004
    I have three N-Codes for sale,or will trade for a Yonex RDS 001 in good condition(if it's a 4 1/2 grip)
    One is a near new 9/10 with a touch of bumper scuffing.Hybrid string job(technifibre 17 mains@58, Babolat Hurricane17 cross@56 lbs). $110.00 o.b.offer
    One is unstrung and probably 8/10 with a well used bumper guard. $70.00 o.b.offer
    One has a brand new bumper guard with a few scrapes 8/10. Fresh hybrid
    string job(Wilson NXT 17 mains @58 lbs. and Babolat Hurricane 17 cross @56 lbs.) $80.00 o.b.offer
    I also have a near new Head Flexpoint Prestige Mid (9/10) 4 1/2 strung with Techifibre 17 @56 lbs. $110.00 o.b. offer.
    All racquets will be shipped ground U.S. Post Office unless Priority mail is prefered and then an $8.00 charge will be necessary.
    I can be reached at: mrmyxylptyx@yahoo.com...Thanks.
    Price drop on all racquets and Yonex RDS 001 now for sale. $80.00 apiece. All 9/10, one maybe 8/10 but still solid.
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