FS/FT - Babolat Pure Drive+'s and Head LM Prestige MP's

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    Mar 20, 2004
    BABOLATS: I have 2 of these. Both are 3/8 grips with the newer cosmetics. One is strung with Gamma Zo True 17g mains and 15l Gosen Synthetic crosses at 57 lbs, the other with Babolat Pro Hurricane 17g mains (blue) and VS Gut 16g crosses at 56lbs (gut is slightly beginning to fray). Both have a few small paint chips on the frame and some scratchs, but nothing structurally wrong with them. Looking to sell or trade as a pair, but will split them up if necessary. $160 for the pair shipped to the Continental US, or $85 each.

    HEADS: I have 2 of these as well. Both are 3/8 grips. Very minimal markings on the paint, just on the CAP grommets. Both have leather grips and are unstrung; they can be strung with OG Micro 17g at any desired tension if you wish. $75 each or $140 for the pair shipped to the Continental US.

    I am looking to trade for either Wilson nCode Six-One 95's (16x18 pattern) or Yonex RDX 500 Mid's in 3/8 GRIPS ONLY.

    Please e-mail me at jcross485@hotmail.com
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    Bad references

    Just a reminder to buyers, clay court specialist has bad references on selling items, and has changed his account several times. Look up his last name on the references.

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