FS/FT - Fischer Pro Tour’s (2x, 3/8)


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Fischer Pro Tour

Quantity: 2

Condition (X out of 10): 8.0

Grip Size: L2 (4 1/4)

Specific Time Used: Bought used (unknown time prior to me); hit with each about 4 hours

Condition: Both have leather replacement grips in good condition (always used over grips). Both are currently strung (one with Poly Tour pro 17g at 44lbs with about 6 hours on it, one with Pro Line X 17g at 44lbs with about 4 hours on it). These are pretty interesting frames; fairly light and flexible but with a 100" head, open pattern, and thin-ish (22mm) beam. A ton of room for customization! Think the new Wilson Clash with a bit thinner beam. I can also string with Gosen OG Sheep Micro 16g at your desired tension for no additional cost.

Price: $35 each, $60 for the pair. Will also take trades for Kirschbaum Max Power string in 16g or 17g.

Payment method: Paypal or Venmo.

Shipping: Included with the price (USPS Priority)

Seller's Contact Info: PM me here for email address and photos.


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Hi, SRUalum. I'm hunting for rackets for a couple of juniors, and I'd love to turn them on to the Fischer feel. One thing, though: the title of your thread reads #3 grips, and the text of your post reads #2 grips. Could you confirm the correct grip size(s)?