FS/FT: Head Microgel Prestige MP, 4 1/2, 9 of 10


Just like the title says. The notables on this racket are:

-Frame is in VERY good condition. Hit with maybe three times. CAPs don't even have a scuff on them I don't think.
-I bought this from another TWer who switched the pallets on it to the current 4 1/2. I think he used an older buttcap, so it's the not the grey microgel buttcap, but a stock, black, head buttcap. The buttcap is chewed up a slightly from being on another racket. This didn't bother me at all. It has a nearly new black Gamma Hi-Tech replacement grip on it. Just wanted to disclose everything.
-Strung with Pro Supex Big Ace in the mains, and their comfort-whatever string (multi I think) in the crosses. I don't know tensions, but was told it's right about mid of the range spec'ed on the racket. Strings job has lots of life left.
-Rubberband dampener :)

I'll take $120 shipped on this guy, or throw out some worthy trades if you like. I'd like to get my hands on (3/8 only, unless a older Head):

-KBlade Tour
-RDX 500 Mid
-RDS 001 Mid
-Aero Pro Drive (cortex or non)
-Dunlop 10-pack thermal bag (as partial payment of course)

Thanks. Email me at jhvoss AT mac dot comm