FS/FT nps kps and many others.

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    Apr 26, 2009
    chicago area
    Wilson NPS 95 grip: 4 3/8
    7.5 out of 10 scratches and stuff around the racquet part of the headguard is missing and their is scrathces on the headguard strung with wilson hollowcore and topspin cyber blue i strung it about a week ago. forgot the tension though sorry. asking 80 shipped

    Fischer magnetic speed pro-no. 1 i dont knwo the grip but im pretty sure it is a 4 1/2
    8.0/10 maybe a 7.8 or so pretty good condition some scratches on part of the head guard is missing about 2 inches and theirs is sceratches on the headguard also. it was strung yesterday with synthetic gut the string is green and it looks pretty sick. i think its strung at 62 not sure though.

    Wilson N6 grip: 4 3/8
    8.0/10 good condition scratches on the sides and some on the grommets part of the paint is chipped on the "o" of the wilson but its not a big deal its stung with kirchbuam and stamina i think asking 45 shipped

    Prince O3 hybrid tour grip: 4 1/2
    6.0/10 on the sides their is alot of paint chips and stuff grommets are wearing down almost gone in one spot otherwise the grommets are fine the racquet is strung with topspin cyber blue and gamma gut 3 i got it strung yesterday by my coach also strung at 62 i think asking 35 shipped

    [K] factor pro staff (kps88) grip:4 1/2
    9.5/10 bearly hit with its to heavy for me their are 2 scuffs on the frame really small though and some on the headguard strung with topspin cyber blue and hollow core last week. asking:150 plus shipping but would rather trade

    TT Warrior OS grip: 4 1/8 i think
    8.5-9.0/10 i hit with it once and then it just stayed at home for some reason though it picks up dirt alot like dirt is atracted to it if that mkes sense their is one scratch on the headguard and none on the sides it has some dirt on it for some reason if not for the dirt it would be a 9.5 easily i think strung with gamma TNT. also all the dirt can be removed with ur finger nail or something jus to lazy to do it asking 30 shipped.

    Fischer air carbon pro tour grip: 4 3/8 i think
    8.0/10 you can tell its used but used sparingly. barely some scratches on the sides and some on the grommets. also the grommet is cracked a little bit but still intact. strung with gamma gut 3 and enduro last week the tension is like 57 i think but not sure

    I have many pictures of all of these racquets just email me at soxsuck222@yahoo.com i will trade or sell any of these racquets and i may be flexible just email me with offers you never know if i will accept it. i will be willing to trade like 2 for 1 or something like that and would love to trade the kps for a pure drive gt. thanks.
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    I am interested in all your racquets. Could you please shoot me an email at zammouka@yahoo.com. Please include pics. I have k six one 95 and a yonex rqis 1 tour that i am willing to trade for the kps. Please email promptly.
    Who strings your racquets?
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