FS/FT Prince Rebel and Dunlop Aerogel 300

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    Aug 19, 2007
    I am posting these for a friend who for some reason can't register. Seen the sticks and they're accurately described, and he can provide pics.

    3 - Prince Rebel 95 4 3/8, 2 are 7/10 (some frame scrapes but structurally good), 1 8.5/10.

    1 with minimal scratches along the head guard, no chips - recently strung with Prince Hybrid Spin 3D
    1 with with moderate scratches and a few chips - recently strung with Topspin CyberBlue
    1 with moderate scratches, no chips - recently strung with Topspin Cyber Blue

    All three package deal for $190 including shipping CONUS OBO.

    2 - Dunlop Aerogel 300 4 3/8 (1 7/10, 1 6/10)

    1 with some scratches along the head guard and could use new head guard but with no chips - strung with Volkl Cyclone
    1 with scratches, 2-3 chips along the head and a 1.5 inch chip in the throat - older string job with Yonex hybrid

    Both for $65 shipped CONUS OBO.

    Interested in trades for Yonex V Core 95D, Yonex V Core 98D, a Volkl PowerBridge 9

    Send inquiries to: c a va n F at gmail dot com

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