fs/ft rackets and bag

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  1. vndesu

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    Jul 18, 2007
    1. dunlop mfil 200
    this is the 16x19 version which means it is 97sq in
    4 1/2 grip
    strung with gamma zo's
    9/10 condition

    2. dunlopmfil200
    same version
    4 1/2 grip
    plastic still on handle

    3.dunlop 200g mw
    95 sq in
    8/10 condition
    4 3/8
    strung with prince duraflex

    4. head tournament bag
    navy blu/grey

    for trades i am looking for
    yonex rds 001
    yonex rds 002 tour
    babolat pure storm plus or tour
    babolat pure control zylon 360
    babolat pure control plus
    wilson ncode n6.1 tour
    dunlop aerogel 200 or 300

    but all offers are accecpted

    for price and trades plz email me at icdtea@yahoo.com

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