FS: Laserfibre MS200TT-ECO w/ significant upgrades 8.75/10

Discussion in 'For Sale or Trade' started by mr_johnnyred, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. mr_johnnyred

    mr_johnnyred Guest

    • >=4 yrs old (purchased April 2005)
    • Verified with distributor that 10-year warranty is transferable
    • Less than 50 Frames strung

    Two major upgrades from the base model:
    1-> dual action Fixed Clamp System
    2-> 5 point/4 "hook" mounting system with throat support​

    I also have a supply of replacement parts that I bought when I bought the machine.

    I'm in the Santa Clarita Valley and a scheduled pick-up would be desirable & PayPal is an option for payment

    I'm asking $625 for the machine. Shipping, if necessary, will be born by the purchaser.

    You can contact me ---> "myTWusername"@yahoo.com
  2. mr_johnnyred

    mr_johnnyred Guest


    so how about 550?
  3. mr_johnnyred

    mr_johnnyred Guest

    Clarification and Price Reduction: $550

    If you go to Stringway (the manufacturer of this machine)

    you can get a look at the upgrades to this MS200TT-ECO that I mentioned in the previous post:

    1->the clamps look exactly like the "T92" model &
    2->the racket support looks exactly like the O91 model.

    I offer a new price of $550 plus shipping, if necessary.

    Email me for more information.

  4. mr_johnnyred

    mr_johnnyred Guest

    Laserfibre MS200TT-ECO: now $475

    If interested, act now.
  5. some6uy008

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    Aug 14, 2008
    Just wanted to add that you might have problem selling that on here, since you are new and you have no references (I'm assuming)

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