FS: Never-strung Yonex RD-7 - Touring Pro Stock

Discussion in 'For Sale or Trade' started by Gutshot, May 26, 2005.

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    FS: Never-strung Yonex RD-7 - Touring Pro Stock - Price lowered!

    I used to manage a tennis shop in San Diego in the 90's, and while there I was given 3 RD-7s by my Yonex rep at the time. He knew I liked heavier frames, and hooked me up with 3 non-production frames that came out of a touring player's stock. He wouldn't say who, but Mal Washington retired very soon after that, and he used the RD-7, so you can draw your own conclusions.
    I have one never-strung frame left. My recollection is that it weighs about 12.2 oz unstrung, and came out at about 58 on the RA tester (this was a few years ago, so I may be off by a point or 2, but I know I'm close. Grip size is 4 1/2.
    The grip shows slight wear from sitting in the closet, but this frame has never been used. The other 2 frames were great - absolute powerhouses - but my knees won't let me get out enough now to swing this big a stick with any real rhythm, so I'm putting it up for sale.
    First $80 takes it, + $8.00 for Priority Mail shipping in the US. Folks from other countries please email me first. If you want any pictures or anything, email me at
    I'll get back to you as soon as I can. The other 2 frames are already gone, for those of you who were thinking 1 step ahead..

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