FS: old NIKE shirts and shorts (NADAL, MOYA, HEWITT, FED)

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  1. Hello,

    I have bought a LOT of NIKE tennis gear over the past years.
    I bought so much that each item was only worn a 2-3 times max
    and has been professionally laundered.
    Always in a smoke free home.
    If you have been searching for a recent classic shirt from years past, check out my photos and let me know if you are interested in this gear.

    5 NIKE dri-fit sleeveless shirts
    6 NIKE dri-fit crews
    3 NIKE dri-fit/cotton HARDCOURT SPECIALIST t-shirts
    3 NIKE tennis shorts
    I would like to sell this gently USED gear as a lot, most are size Large, but there are a few Medium sleeveless shirts that still fit well up to 6'1" , in my experience.

    These items cost me over $500 when I bought them.
    I would like to sell this gear for $175-$200 shipped to USA and can also provide the buyer with some free Extra NIKE clothes and/or some very nice LOUIS GARNEAU biking shirts and tennis accesories too!

    you can view my gear online here:

    Contact me for more info: falseguardian@yahoo.com
  2. czech09

    czech09 Rookie

    Jan 11, 2005
    Tampa, FL
    I sent you an email, I'm interested in about 5-6 of the items. Let me know.
  3. DSTT 007

    DSTT 007 Guest

    I am looking for the Nike Wreak Havoc Sleeveless Shirts if the 5 Sleeveless Shirts you have are them I WILL PAY VERY VERY VERY GOD MONEY FOR THEM!!! E-mail me at - belardeluca@me.com - I would be willing to purchase evreything from you if they are the shirts I am looking for!
  4. DSTT 007

    DSTT 007 Guest

    Even if they are not exactly what I am looking for I will probably still be interested! Could you PLEASE send pictures to - belardeluca@me.com - THANK YOU!

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