FS Only: Head Vilas, Prince Ignite, Fischer VT Pro 98 Bosworth, Head Speed 18x20 MP

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    Feb 18, 2004
    FS Only:

    (1) Prince Ignite, L3, 8.5/10 condition, strung, $100 shipped
    (1) Head Vilas, Wood frame, L4, 8.5/10 condition, no warpage, strung, $50 shipped
    (1) Head Speed MP 18x20, L3 grip, 8.5/10 condition, rare all black PROTOTYPE VERSION, $100 shipped, strung with MSV Hex 1.10mm Red
    (2) Fischer VT Pro 98 (Kafelnikov), Bosworth version from TW, meant for Medvedev, L4 grip, 9/10 condition, strung with Natural Gut hybrid, $90 each shipped

    All shipping costs for CONUS, extra charges for Europe and Asia

    Discounts for multiple purchases

    jayserinos99 at yahoo dot com for more information

    FS Only!

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