FS or FT: Technifibre, Wilson, Prince racquets

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    Mar 17, 2008
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    (1)Technifibre TFight 325
    grip: 4 3/8"
    9/10, paint in perfect shape, minor scratch on bumper guard
    recently restrung: mains-Cyberflash 1.25@56lbs, crosses-Forten Sweet 17@58lbs
    headcover included
    new bumper guard/grommet included

    (2X) Wilson Prostaff Largehead (bumperless)
    Butt Cap codes GVI and HVO (I believe these are St. Vincent)
    7/10, scratches that make the graphite visible on (mainly) the top and sides of the hoops
    GVI: 4 3/8", HVO (originally 4 ½", but resized to) 4 3/8"
    GVI: mains-Cyberflash 1.25@75lbs, crosses-Wilson Sensation 17@75lbs
    HVO: mains-Luxilon BB ALU Rough@70lbs, crosses-Wilson Sensation 17@70lbs
    headcovers included
    *$140 for the pair or $80 each

    (1)Wilson K95X (27.5")
    grip: 4 3/8"
    8/10, a few minor paint chips at the top of the hoop
    mains-Pro Supex Poly Power Soft 1.15@55lbs, crosses-Pro Supex Syn Gut 1.20@60lbs
    (1)new bumper guard/grommet included

    (1)Prince Extender Lightning 730PL
    grip: 4 ½"
    8.5/10, paint in perfect shape, bumper guard has some wear
    mains-Cyberflash 1.25@60lbs, crosses-Wilson Sensation 17@65lbs
    headcover included

    (1)Prince CTS Thunderstick 110
    grip: 4 1/8"
    7.5/10, a few minor paint chips around hoop
    mains-Forten Sweet 17@62lbs, crosses-Luxilon BB TiMO 18@62lbs

    (1) Prince Graphite OS (four-stripe), POG OS
    grip: 4 3/8"
    5.5/10, plenty of wear around hoop and bumper guard, frame is solid (no cracks)
    recently restrung: mains-Volkl V-Rex 17@62lbs, crosses-Forten Sweet17@65lbs

    *all grips are new or nearly new as overgrips were always used

    Trade interests (preferrably 4 3/8") include but not limited to:
    POG Mid
    KSix-One Tour 90
    KBlade Tour or Kblade 98
    Gamma G325 and G325 XL
    Dunlop Maxlpy

    for faster replies send inquiries to Locotone07@gmail.com

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