FS (PICS) *** Abercrombie & Fitch *** A&F (2) tennis racquets


for sale ---(PRICE DROP)-- (PICS) *** Abercrombie & Fitch *** A&F (2) tennis racquets

for sale, two Abercrombie and Fitch tennis racquets.

headsize: approx 85-90 sq. in.
length: 27''
strings: 16 main, 18 cross.
100% graphite?
weight: 12 oz. unstrung w/ leather grip
Balance: nearly even, possibly a bit head light...? ( i balanced it on my index finger)
condition: about 7/10, racquets shows alot of play, typical scuffs, worn bumper guard, etc. no cracks, no warps; structurally solid and sound. ready to be used and played, these racquets don't need any TLC.

very simple, very clean, classic looking racquets. I would love to keep them, but due to the fact that i need to file my taxes soon and my gf wants breast implants, im strapped for cash. :p

MORE INFO on comments/history/feedback, etc on the racquet from other TW members? go to:

I'm asking $65 shipped shipped vis USPS Priority w/ package tracking EACH, or $120 shipped via USPS Priority w/ tracking out the door for BOTH. PayPal only(cozmo5050@hotmail.com). For references, Im posted here on TW and the big auction site. thanks for looking, and thank you TW!

aim: "skunkfr3sh"
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why so expensive? sell it back to the store for display ... on on the auction site :)

it's $20 per head tops ....
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I have one of these also, take it to one of the clothing stores and they will probably buy it back. Surprisingly, it's a nice playing racquet =]