FS: PK Black Ace, Volkl PB10, Pro Staff Classic, Fischer VT Pro 98 and Match Maker 1

Rivers Scott

New User
Hi there,

I have for sale in the first instance in the UK:

-Pro Kennex Black Ace 98. Great condition - 9+/10. Grip size 5 although Pro Kennex grips seem to run slightly smaller than others. 9/10 £50

-Volkl Power Bridge 10 MP 325. Again very good condition - no paint chips just a couple of minor scrapes. Grip 3. 8/10 £70

-Fischer VT Pro 98. This one is pretty beat up. Lots of chips and scrapes, graphite exposed large section of grommet strip missing. Not sure but I believe Grip 3 or 4. 4/10 £20

-Wilson Pro Staff Classic. 16 x 18 String pattern. It is an older version I believe - has no si 6.1 printed on it. Has paint chips and scrapes and some graphite exposed. I believe it to be Grip 4. 7/10 £45

-Old Fischer Match Maker 1. Grip 5. Has paint chips. 7/10 £20

All prices are without shipping costs.

For pictures or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me through my profile. Also on the look out for Head PT630s.