FS: *** Prince Experimental *** black protype racquet 4 3/8 --- $125 shipped (PICS)


FS: *** Prince Experimental *** black protype racquet 4 3/8 --- $110 shipped (PICS)

used to have two of these, but 1 sold, so only 1 left.

hey guys, up for grabs: black Prince Experimental, prototype of the Prince NXG graphite.

condition: conservatively rated at 8-8.5 out of 10 condition, structurally sound. shows some minor scuff/scratch marks, nothing serious. bumper guard in excellent condition. I originally purchased this from another TW member, 'nyocera' i think.

specs: thin beam, 107 head size, 4 3/8th grip control racquet. Original prince replacement intact, i use a Yonex supergrap overgip on top. comes strung w/ Gosen OG Micro 17g at 60lbs; i can cut them out if u dont want it.

IMHO, the experimental feels slightly more headlight than the NXG. possibly more customization leeway for your guys out there.

I'm asking $125 shipped for the item, or best offer.
I accept paypal only. Questions can be sent via paypal to cozmo5050@hotmail.com

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do you know what the specs are???
I don't think anyone knows for sure, but it's exactly the same in exterior dimensions as the Prince NXG graphite OS. Thin beam, 16x19,etc. The difference is in the weighting. I would say it's a hair more headlight, and has a 'softer?' hollower feel. Remember here, this was the 'prototype'/earlier model to the NXG.

When strung + 1 overgrip, it weighhs about 12.2 oz. Like i was saying before although i liked hitting this this, it may have been too much a player's racquet for my level of play. It's definitely a nice control racquet with decent pop. I just opted for something lighter and a bit more power(RDS 003). I have to admit, the all-black w/ white grip/strings color setup looks badass. random players i meet on the public courts always ask to check it out.

more pics? enjoy.:p

$110 shipped! any buyers?