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Doing some spring cleaning. Only shipping to conus, prices include shipping.

3 Babolat Aeropro Drive GTs. All 4 1/4 grip size. All at the very least 8/10
Bumper rash is present but no structural damage

$80.00 USD each or $200.00 for all three

2 Prince EXO3 Tour 4 3/8 9.5/10
These are in pristine condition. I bought them on a whim after I had hit with a buddy's. The four times I hit with them I never hit them like I did my friend's.

$110.00 USD each

1 Head IG Prestige Pro 4 3/8. 9/10
Love the racquet but just don't hit it like my current sticks. Only blemishes are on the full cap grommet, so no paint chips even.

$110.00 USD

2 Wilson BLX Prostaff 90's 4 3/8; 1 8/10, 1 7/10
8/10- Some paint blemish but otherwise in great shape. Still plays perfectly

$80.00 USD

7/10- very deep paint chip on the throat. Still plays perfectly just cosmetically not the same as the other.

$65.00 USD

Thanks and feel free to ask questions