FS/T: (2) Dunlop M-fil 300


I'm selling 2 Dunlop M-fil 300 racquets. Both of which have a 4 1/4 grip size.

1.) Probably 7.5/10- Recently changed bumperguard- some scratches from low volleys ect- structurally perfect- plays great
Strung - Mains- Pro Supex Big Ace 17 @ 52
Crosses - Forten Sweet 16 @ 58
2.) 7/10- Some scratches along sides others at the throat. No structural damage also plays great. Currently unstrung although might be strung with 1/2 Pro Supex Big Ace- 1/2 Prince Synthetic Gut depending on how soon you buy.

Send offers of anywhere in the range of 40-50 bucks, dependant on shipping. To badgers719@yahoo.com, or just respond to this thread.