FS/T Dunlop M-fil 300 4 3/8


I am selling/trading a Dunlop M-fil 300 in a 4 3/8 grip size. I would estimate its around an 8/10, normal wear but nothing severe. No structural damage. I can probably take a few pictures if anyone wants that. Its currently strung with Gamma Zo Life @ 55 lbs. (polyester string)

I would love to trade this for a Prince 03 Hybrid Tour in 4 3/8 i could throw in 10 bucks or some string/grip or something to even it out if the Hybrid Tour is in decent condition.

I would also trade for a new or close to new reel of PSGD 16 white or a similar string.

If i dont get any trade offers Im looking for around 50-60 bucks shipped dependant on shipping location.

thanks, email me at Badgers719@yahoo.com if interested